Where Will You Stake Claim to Your Piece of Online Real Estate?

Few things are more scary than developing your own website when it comes to beginning a work at home business, especially if you are unfamiliar with the technical side of things. While there are numerous excellent choices available to novice or inexperienced business owners, getting started can be difficult.

You may take a few steps to make your internet home more comfortable and inviting. Begin by acquiring your own domain name. With so many companies offering “free” domain names, spending money on this may seem ridiculous.

However, many of these sites are merely providing you with a subdomain, such as mybusinesssite.whatever.com. Not only is that tough for people to remember, but if they type your site address incorrectly, they may end up on a site that is offensive or has a virus, costing you valuable business.

Purchasing your own domain name provides your website instant legitimacy in the eyes of visitors. Avoid free hosting while you’re at it. When you utilise free hosting (examples: blogger.com, wordpress.com, webs.com, and so on), your site is subject to the terms of service of another company.

Your Piece of Online Real Estate

Let’s imagine you own a health and beauty company and your website is hosted for free. Let’s pretend that this free hosting service has an inflow of spammers who have taken over the health and beauty area.

Your high-quality website is wrongly classified spam, and you log in one day to discover it has vanished – destroyed without warning. You’re losing out on new consumers and revenue because your present customers don’t know where to locate you online.

Pay for hosting if you can afford it. You can sleep soundly at night knowing that the website you worked so hard on will not be erased the next day. You should pay for hosting, but you shouldn’t have to go bankrupt doing so.

For hosting, expect to pay between four and ten dollars each month. You are overpaying if you pay more than that. If you pay less than that, be sure to read the fine print.

How can you create a professional-looking site with proper search engine optimization that gets thousands of visitors each day once you have a domain and hosting? You don’t have to hire a web designer to create a nice website with all the bells and whistles.

You can look into using free open source software to create your own website. Professional templates are also included in these software bundles. WordPress, Joomla, and other open source software have been recommended. All of these are excellent choices for your website. Installing your new software will be a breeze if you get a server that has Cpanel!