Making Bank With Both Broad and Long Tail Keywords

When you choose a niche and create a website, you want to make the most of every opportunity to make money. Keywords are a big component in the world of producing money, but they’re often disregarded.

Using keywords is a straightforward notion. These are the terms that identify your website and draw search engines’ attention to it. Your batting average for customers and sales will be pretty low if you don’t use the proper keywords.

Many online entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs understand the importance of keywords for traffic, but they often overlook the fact that broad and long tail keywords can be leveraged to generate revenue.

What distinguishes these from simply using any keywords? For example, car versus buying a Honda Odyssey, or tree versus how to plant an Oak tree, broad keywords are words that don’t narrow down the issue – consider short, one-word phrases against phrases.

You might notice that there aren’t as many results for long tail keywords as there are for broad phrases when you search for them. However, because there are more of those terms, the actual traffic volume may exceed that of a broad search ranking.

You want to hire folks who are clear about what they want. Someone looking for the animated cartoon cars, the history of cars, old cars, new automobiles, and more may type in the phrase cars

Broad and Long Tail Keywords

People who use long tail phrases are essentially telling you what they want. For example, here’s an excellent one: “How to Buy Cars Without Being Ridden.” You could sell someone a buying guide for a new automobile because you’d know exactly what they’re looking for unlike someone who just types in “cars.”

If you were selling self-help items for depression, you could use depression as a broad term, but you’d add long tail keywords like “postpartum depression symptoms” or “signs of depression in men” to be more particular.

By choosing broad keywords, you will not only attract people looking for information on depression in general, but you will also attract those looking for information on depression in their specific circumstances.

When you search for wide keywords, you’ll notice that there are a lot of monthly searches for that term or words. When the search engine spiders come crawling, however, the more targeted your keywords are, the better your site performs. You want the individuals who come to your site to be interested in what you have to offer.