Get Familiar With ClickBank and PayDotCom

You’ll want to know the difference between ClickBank and PayDotCom if you’re an info product manufacturer or an affiliate who promotes other people’s items. Both of these main marketplaces have advantages and disadvantages.

To get the best of both worlds, some people have chosen to use both online marketplaces. Both marketplaces provide information products and cover a wide range of specialities, which is something they have in common.

One distinction is that PayDotCom allows the product owner to pay you, whereas ClickBank will do so for you. Depending on whether or not the product owner is trustworthy, this might be a blessing or a hindrance.

There is a significant discrepancy in the fees imposed by these two businesses. A new product account with ClickBank costs $49.95, however you can obtain a discount on successive product accounts. PayDotCom charges a one-time cost of $29, after which you are free to sell as many things as you like.

When it comes to sales pages, ClickBank has a more severe clearance process for marketers than PayDotCom. With ClickBank, you must get pre-approval, but not with PayDotCom. PayDotCom allows you to sell tangibles, whereas ClickBank does not.

ClickBank and PayDotCom

PayDotCom, unlike ClickBank, does not keep a reserve to deal with excessive refunds before payments. PayPal allows you to get paid instantly.

If you have an unhappy consumer through ClickBank, you must return all of the money within two months of the transaction, but this is not the case with PayDotCom. However, regardless of the marketplace you use, you have the option to repay someone at your discretion.

PayDotCom allows you to reach out and contact affiliates via email, but ClickBank does not. ClickBank, on the other hand, has a mechanism in place to ensure that your affiliates receive the right amount of money they’ve earned so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Both of these internet marketplaces have solid reputations and are frequently used by savvy marketers. It’s a case of balancing what you want to achieve with what the company has to offer in terms of features to choose which one is best for you. To accommodate all affiliates, several marketers release their products on both sites.